Go FLY...a KITE...a Mississippi Kite that is.  I am lucky enough to live in the Southeast one of the areas where these amazing small, pearl gray raptors come to breed. Outside in my backyard is a small but heavily wooded area where we have been noticing adult Kites soaring on the wind above the treetops and diving for their prey.  They use their tail like a rudder to steer in the air- so graceful to watch. Flying insects are  captured often in flight and they will hold these insects in one foot and eat while they continue to soar.

Then one day we heard the gentle call of what could only be a recently hatched kite. By the time we were able to spot it in hiding in the trees, it was almost at fledging stage- still hopping around the branches and trees waiting for the parents to come back with food. 

I continued to watch the fledging process of this bird for several days until it took it's first flight- what an amazing experience to see. Here of some pictures of the kite starting to learn to use it's wings! I believe I can fly!! 


So make sure you look up high in the sky and see if you can catch a glimpse of one of these graceful, majestic raptors!


All information included in this blog post was referenced from Audubon and All About Birds.

All photos are my original work Pam DeChellis Wildlife Photography.